Calibration Lab Capabilities

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Calibration Lab Capabilities

No Surprises, No Hidden Costs!

Minor adjustments, instrument cleaning are included in our calibration price.

Six-Day Turnaround

Request a Sacardande calibration service quick quoteNo matter which calibration service option you choose, when you calibrate with Sacardande , you can expect prompt and responsive service including Six-business-day turnaround on most instruments. And for your convenience, pick-up and delivery service is available within 50 kilometres of our labs.

Reference Standards Capability

Sacardande has one of the largest scopes of reference-level calibration capabilities of North American’s Calibration Service providers. Many customers with internal calibration laboratories and even our competitors calibrate their standards with Sacardande calibrates and repairs hundreds of types of equipment, too numerous to list here. Contact us to inquire about instruments not listed.

  • • Length Measurement Instruments from Micrometers and Calipers to Tape Measures and Height Gages
  • • Optics based Instruments such as Glass Scales
  • • DC/AC ( AC to 100 MHz ) Instruments from Multimeters and Power Suppliers to Signal Generators and oscilloscopes
Life Science
  • • Pharmaceutical Industry Instruments from Centrifuges and Autoclaves to Cryogenic Freezers and Sieves
  • • Food Industry Instruments
  • • Chemical/ Biological Instruments such as Glassware, pH meters and Conductivity Meters
  • • Biomedical Industry Instruments from Pacemaker Analysers and Cardiac Output Simulators to Non Invasive Blood Pressure Simulators
  • • Pressure and Vacuum Instruments from pressure gauges and Manometers to Barometers and Pressure Calibrators
  • • Temperature Instruments from Liquid in Glass Thermometers and Thermocouples to temperature Indicators and Dry Block Calibrators
  • • Velocity ( Speed ) and RPM ( rotational Speed ) Instruments from Tachometers and Tuning Forks to radar Guns and Radar Detectors
  • • Rotational Force i.e Torque Instruments from Torque Wrenches and Torque Screwdrivers to Torque Tester and Torque Analysrs
  • • Humidity Instruments fro9m Chart Recorders and Humidity Meters to Thermo- Hygrometers and Humidity/ Temperature Transmitters
  • • Mass and Weighing Instruments from Weights and Weight Sets to Scales and Balances
  • • Force and Hardness Instruments from Dynamometers and Crimp Tools to Force Gauges and Load Cells
  • • Infrared Thermometer such as -15 to 500℃ Infrared thermometers and Pyrometers
  • • Particle Counters to Environmental Meters
  • • Vibration, Acceleration and Seismography Instruments from Accelerometers and Vibration Meters to Vibration Calibrators and Wobulators
  • • Flow Meters
  • • Gas Analysis Instruments
Reference Level
  • • Humidity Laboratory Standards from Chart recorders and transmitters ( 1% RH or better ) to Chambers
  • • Dimensional laboratory Standards from End Measuring Rods and Gage Blocks to Ring Gages and Master setting Plugs
  • • Temperature laboratory Standards such as SPRT by Fixed Point and/or Comparison
  • • Mass, Weight, Force and Torque Laboratory Standards such as Weights and Weight Sets
  • • Electrical DC/AC Laboratory Standards from High Voltage Dividers and High Voltage Meters to Multifunction Calibrations and Multimeters ( >=7.5 Digits )
  • • Pressure and Vacuum Laboratory Standards from Pressure Devices and Pressure Calibrators to Dead Weight Testers.